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Nina Dobrev 20in20

Nina Dobrev 20in20 Community
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Nina Dobrev 20in20 Community


1) All icons must be newly made for the round only. No prior work will be accepted.
2) Choose any pictures you'd like to depict the themes given to you, except for when we give you certain instructions such as photoshoots only, movies or tv only, public appearances only, candids only, etc.
3) All effects, EXCEPT animations, are allowed. This includes text, textures, brushes etc.
4) All icon posts must remain public for the duration of the round.
5) You may link us to your personal/graphic journal or you may post your icons here under a cut. Please only put three or four previews of your icons.
6) Icons must fit the livejournal standard (under 40kb, 100x100px and either .jpg, .png or .gif file format)
7) Please DO NOT TAG your entries, we will do it.
8) Have fun!


In each round you have 20 icons divided into 3 groups:
1) 10 themes that will change each round.
2) 5 category icons, the theme for these will also change each round.
3) 5 artist's choice icons, which means these are completely up to you.


START OF SIGN-UPS: 21st of the month
END OF SIGN-UPS: 30th/31st of the month

START OF CHALLENGE: 1st of the month
END OF CHALLENGE: 20th of the month

START OF VOTING: 21st of the month
END OF VOTING: 25th of the month


If you'd like to affiliate with ndobrev20in20 just comment here! We only accept other icon challenge communities or anything relating to Nina Dobrev.

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